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Detailed History of Cars Volume 1

Cars have been an invaluable resource for humans, whether it’s for work, sport, leisure or general day-to-day life. We have learned to rely on them to make our lives much easier, and most can’t imagine having no access to a […]

New Cars Vs Used Cars

When purchasing a car, a key factor to take into consideration is whether to purchase a new or used vehicle. New does not always mean better, as there are drawbacks and benefits to both, and one may be more suited […]

What Are Credit Scores and How Do They Affect Financing

If you are looking to finance a purchase, your credit score will definitely have an impact on your options, perhaps even limiting what companies will accept you if your credit score is less than ideal. For those who are not […]

The Impact of the Lockdown on Used Cars and Car Finance

2019. That was the year that marked the beginning of unprecedented times, when an outbreak of a new virus began its spread across all four corners of the globe. Country leaders grappled with the struggle of maintaining safety whilst also […]

Who Are We?

Aintree Garages is a Bootle-based garage staffed by friendly finance specialists dealing in used cars across the entire North-West and even further afield, having served customers previously as far as London. Aintree Garage prides itself in being Audi specialists, but […]

Can I get Car Finance During Lockdown?

The answer is yes! Here at Aintree Garages, we were helping customer during the first lockdown and this time we are even more ready, having learned the pitfalls of acquiring car finance during lockdown we have had more of a […]

What is a DRO and can I get car finance if I am involved in one?

When purchasing your new car, a vast majority of people will use car finance to do so as it gives you more freedom to be able to get your upgrade sooner. Car finance is a term that is used to […]

What is APR?

Have you ever seen the term APR and wondered what does that actually mean? When looking or car finance this is a term that pops up quite often alongside terms such as interest rates and representative APR, but how does it […]

What is a good credit score?

When applying for car finance, having a good credit score can really help get you a good application that will increase your chances of being accepted. Have you ever thought about your own credit score? If you have applied previously […]

A Guide To Buying Your First Car

Its all so exciting when buying your first car. Whether you have just passed your test or have just waited and are know ready to purchase your first car there is somethings you should know before making the purchase. Rushing […]