Who Are We?

Aintree Garages is a Bootle-based garage staffed by friendly finance specialists dealing in used cars across the entire North-West and even further afield, having served customers previously as far as London.

Aintree Garage prides itself in being Audi specialists, but we also have stock from many other car brands such as Range Rover, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Renault, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Mazda and many many more, all available for viewing and purchasing on our official website. And once you have purchased a vehicle, you can avail yourself of our aftercare services including Antifreeze, Brake Servicing, Clutch problems, Cooling Systems, Petrol Engines, Diesel Engines, Electrical & Diagnostics, Engine Service, General Air Conditioning Service and repair and many more, to ensure your vehicle remains in tip-top shape even once it has left our garage.

For more information and a more comprehensive list of our aftercare services, view the official site here. In addition to offering a fantastic range of vehicles to suit every taste and every budget, Aintree Garages goes above and beyond most car dealers with partnerships with multiple motor finance houses to tailor car finance packages to each and every customer, ensuring every purchase is affordable, even for those with low credit scores.

Car Financing

Who Are We?For the uninitiated, car financing is simply arranging a payment plan to purchase a car as opposed to paying the full cost upfront. It is a much more affordable and realistic way for the everyday working person to be able to buy a car. Once the payment period has ended, customers will either be required to switch cars or pay what is known as a “balloon payment” for full ownership.

At Aintree Garages, our specialist team tailors a bespoke payment plan for each and every customer, keeping prices down to what they can afford over a time period that suits them. Personal information such as the buyer’s place of work, job position and credit score is used to create a monthly cost and payment period to suit that individual, and this service can even cover people who are unemployed, in relevance of benefits or those with a poor credit rating.

Partnered with multiple motor car financing companies, you can rest assured no matter what your personal situation is, Aintree Garages will find a match for you. Our initial application takes only two minutes, and then one of our expert staff will be in touch shortly after to complete the process.

Credit Scores

Who Are We?

Credit scores are a reflection of your ability to keep up with repeated payments such as rent, mortgages or any other bill. Late or missing payments are the leading cause of depreciating credit scores, and low credit scores can often give money lenders and financiers pause due to the checkered history of keeping up with payments, often leaving predatory loan sharks as the only option. But at Aintree Garages we pride ourselves on aiding those who have even the lowest of credit score.

With business relations with hundreds of high street lenders and special motor finance houses, you can rest assured you will be able to finance your car purchase with us at a rate affordable to you. As a nice bonus, paying back your monthly car finance payments will help you to build upon your credit score, so any future loans you take out with us or any other dealer may have a better rate! If you are unsure of your own personal score, you can use sites such as Experian to see what your rating is.

The Car Finance Companies provide you with a massive selection of used cars and vans. We are based in Liverpool, Merseyside but can deliver UK wide. Check out our stock range on our website and give us a call on 0151 523 4000 to get started on getting that dream car today!