Bad Credit Car Finance in Birmingham

Bad Credit Car Finance in BirminghamWe can value your vehicle with our experts in a matter of minutes to enable you to use it as part exchange for bad credit car finance in BirminghamThis is possible for almost anyone. Along with the purchase of the vehicle, we offer the Autoguard Warrant. Modern vehicles are manufactured to a high technical standard and are very reliable. However, there may eventually be very expensive damage to important and costly module components. This is where the Autoguard Warranty can save you from having to find the funds to repair your car. It covers a multitude of different systems in the car including the in-car entertainment systems as well as the air conditioning and climate control system.

If you need a car but have not got the ready cash for one we can be of assistance. In Birmingham, bad credit car finance may buy you the car of your dreams. We have a wide selection of top quality vehicles available from a small runabout to selected luxury vehicles. We also purchase cars through a network of industry contacts that are looking to pay good prices for all kinds of vehicles. We can supply an Autoguard Premium Warranty with the car which covers all mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle that were supplied as original fitments by the manufacturer except for a few exclusions. These will include various wear and tear parts of the vehicle but they do cover part of the entertainment system, air conditioning and climate control systems as well as part of the SAT NAV equipment.

We can help you purchase a new car with bad credit car finance in Birmingham with our close relationship with many different finance companies. Contact Car Finance Companies today or fill in our online application form and we will get back to you as soon as we have found a finance company who will cover the financial aspect of the purchase of a new vehicle. All finance is subject to status and income and we can issue a written quotation on request. We are open seven days a week including Bank Holidays so you can contact us between nine in the morning until six in the evening most days of the week.