Bad Credit Car Finance in Edinburgh

Bad Credit Car Finance in EdinburghThere are plenty of options for bad credit car finance in Edinburgh when you get in touch with the right company. At The Car Finance Companies, we help you get the best possible finance deal taking all factors into account. We have many decades’ experience in this sector and cater to clients through the Merseyside and Liverpool regions and beyond. Being a local business, we ensure that every one of our customers gets personalized services tailored to meet their needs, preferences and budget. Apart from car finance, we also sell used cars and vans and also purchase used vehicles. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from customers who have been 100% satisfied with our services. What sets us apart from others is our commitment to quality, high standards, sensible pricing options and focus on customer relationships.

A weak finance history doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out on a limb, but it could be more difficult but it can be done. In Edinburgh, bad credit car finance companies like ours help to bridge the gap. Bad or non-existent credit can mean bad news for your day-to-day life, reputation and credibility. You may feel anxious about applying for finance for a home or a vehicle. However, bad credit ratings can be for a number of reasons and we can understand the circumstances under which such a score may have got listed. You may have missed certain payments, recently gone through a bankruptcy order, lost your job, or there may be court judgments against you. You can still get a loan and be eligible for car finance once you give us the necessary information.

There are several options available to those who are looking for bad credit car finance in Edinburgh. Contact us today for more information regarding bad credit car finance. You can explore different types of loans, such as personal contact purchase, hire purchase, guarantor loans, or personal loans. Another good option is non-status leasing where the lender can examine your entire situation and make a judgment, rather than focus just on your credit score. However, it’s important to limit the number of options you explore, as this too can impact your credit rating.