Car Finance for Bad Credit in Manchester

Car Finance for Bad Credit in ManchesterWe offer car finance for bad credit in Manchester at interest rates to fit your budget for cars you can depend on. There are as many reasons for bad credit as there are people struggling with it. Somebody once said the only reason you need a good credit score is to borrow money. This financial guru living in an Ivory Tower was encouraging paying with cash. Well, wouldn’t we all like to follow his advice? Unfortunately, the majority of us need a good finance company for major purchases. We just don’t have that kind of cash lying about. Sometimes our decisions do not turn out as we expected and have a negative impact on our credit score.

Many of us are dealing with medical issues, family tragedy and unemployment. Often in Manchester, car finance for bad credit is the next step after struggling to pay for our education with loans that we struggled to pay back. There is one other kind of bad credit that many young adults face and that is no credit at all. They have never had to purchase big ticket items on finance so lenders won’t take a chance on them. At Car Finance Companies, we will take that chance because you need a car and you need to build a solid credit history. You may pay a little higher interest rate to offset our risk but when the debt is paid on time as agreed, your credit rating will show you pay your bills on time. The next time your finance rate will be lower because you will have earned the confidence of lenders.

Car finance for bad credit in Manchester is a jumping off point for young people and a fresh start for those coming out of bad times. We help you get on a solid financial footing. Car ownership is often critical to getting ahead. Employers will often ask job applicants if they have reliable transportation before they will hire them. They want to make sure you will show up on time every day. It’s a reasonable expectation and one you want to fulfil. Contact us and we can help you do that. We have an excellent selection of fine quality used cars that look great and are mechanically sound and reliable.