What documents do I need to apply for car finance?

Here at The Car Finance Companies we offer finance options with bad credit. But when applying for finance do you know what documents you will need? When applying you will need a few documents to help get you closer to getting your new car, these just include things such as identification to allow the finance company to ensure when they are assessing your application.

The information needed at the beginning of the application is pretty basic, this is just so they can consider your application. Once the application has then begun the information need is a bit more personal such as identification details, proof of income etc.. This is before the final contract is signed off.

By not providing sufficient documents, you may find that your application will be declined. To apply for finance, firstly, you need to have the below information included withing your finance application, you will also need to include the car you are looking at buying and it’s details, if you are looking to include a deposit and how much that deposit is and if a part exchange is involved. This will obviously differ from application to application and at different places.

Personal details

when applying for finance you will need to provide some basic information including your full name and that includes previous names if it has been changed, what your martial status is, what your residential status (so if you own your own property, or if you rent or live with your parents etc) and you will also need you address history and that will need to date back over 3 years.


Employment details and your employment history is very important. You will have to provide the name and address of all your employers over the past three years which if you have been with the same employer for 3 years then it will only e the one but if you have had multiple then it will be the multiple employers. This also includes the full address and the postcode your employer.

You will also need to include your job title and the salary of your job. This will include any previous jobs over the previous three years. If you are self-employed you will also have to have documentation as proof of income, just as it is not an easy accessible area for finance companies to get hold of and check, however if you own a limited company they will be able to check some details with the companies house.


Your bank details is also needed when applying for finance. This will have to be the account that you will be using to make your monthly payments and for this you will need your current bank and its address, your account number and your sort code. The account must either be in your name or a joint account and you must’ve been with the bank for at least 3 years, if not you will need your previous bank details.

Lacking the three years history

This is something that can be rather common meaning it can be difficult to provide the three years history for your finance application. This could because you have only recently just moved to the UK and so don’t have the three years residential or banking history, or you have only had employment in the past year. You will just have to inform the finance company as much information as you can. You need to ensure that the you are a safe bet for the finance companies. This is to ensure you will make the repayments on time.

Different companies need different documentation so just make sure you give the correct documentation for that finance company. Some companies will make oversea checks whilst others won’t it is all dependant on the company. So if you don’t have three years history there are ways in which you can help your application but again it varies from company to company and just ensure you supply the documents that are asked and that may include a proof of income but usually you will need that 3 year history.


Drivers licence

You will need a full drivers license to apply for car finance as you will need this to e able to drive the car you are buying.

I can’t find my licence

If you are unbale to find your driver’s license due to it being to misplaced or its been sent back to DVLA for address change etc.. then you will need to provide another form of identification. This can be a passport or something similar as long as it’s an ID document. The finance company will also contact the DVLA just to confirm the existence of your driver’s license.

Proof of address

You will more than likely need two proofs of address, these are usually utility bills including gas, electricity, council tax, etc as long as your name is on the bill it can be used.

You can also use bank statements (check with your dealer what type of bank statement to use) you can block out any sensitive financial information, it is the proof of address.  Any proof of address will need to be dated within the last three months.

Proof of income

­­You will need to provide proof of income, if you use something such as an accountant for your book keeping, the dealership can contact them to provide the documentation that is needed. If you keep your own financial records you will have to provide bank statements dating back for a period of time usually 3 months back. Basically you need to be able to show clear evidence that your income is what you say it is to the finance company as if you are unable to show this then the chances are you will be rejected as the finance companies want to ensure you can make you repayments on time.

All signed copies of the documents are sent over to the finance companies by the dealership you are at. If all is okay the finance companies pays the dealership an the contract is set up. If there is any anomalies the finance company will request more information or they can also reject the application which is often final so you must make sure you have all the correct documents when applying.

When applying for finance just ensure that your application is filled out correctly and that the correct documents are included to increase your chances of being accepted and finally getting your new car.

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