Declined Car Finance in Preston? Speak to Us for Assistance

Declined Car Finance in PrestonDeclined car finance in Preston probably makes you feel like a joke. I mean, you’ve been wandering car dealers looking for the right car in your price range for a week. It’s taken all of your spare time. The car salesmen all tell you they’re sure they’ll be able to get you financed. They ask what  your credit rating is and you tell them; no problem they say. Now you’ve found a great late model used car with low miles that you want to buy so you make a deal with the salesman. However, once you get into the finance office, it’s a different story. Oh, they can finance you alright but you’re going to have to come up with 20% of the cost for the down payment and the monthly payment just went up as well. That’s not including all the taxes and fees.

Even with the 20% down the interest rate they’re going to charge you is about double what you expected. For you in Preston, declined car finance can be quickly remedied, so they say, if you can come up with a bigger down payment. They wasted two hours of your time and made you feel like a fool. The wife and kids are at home anxiously waiting for you to return home with the new car so they can go for a ride and show grandma. Any reaction you might have at this point is completely understandable but it may not be legal. So skip all that drama and contact us. If you are licenced to drive a car and have a decent paying job we can finance you. The loan we give you to purchase the car is a secured loan. It’s secured by the car.

It’s not likely you will be declined car finance in Preston for a good, low mileage used car at Car Finance Companies. We take care of everything right here but we work with many banks and financing companies to find you the best financing deal on one of our cars. We have a terrific selection of used cars. You will be able to find one you like with a price tag to fit your budget. New ones are coming in all the time. Contact us and fill in our quick and simple application. You won’t have to wait a week for approval. You’ll likely have your answer the same day and possibly within the hour.