Bad Credit Car Finance in Manchester

Bad Credit Car Finance in ManchesterIf you have bad credit, car finance in Manchester is still available with the help of our company. We have a strong relationship with many high street lenders and a specialist motor finance house which is how we have helped hundreds of customers secure the best deal for car finance. Many people have bad credit through a series of unfortunate events. Just because your credit rating is poor does not mean we cannot find a finance company that will help you to buy a good condition vehicle. We have a number of different methods to enable you to purchase a car. One of these is part exchange where we will consider your old vehicle as part of the payment for a newer one.

Our experts can value your vehicle in a matter of minutes to enable you to use it as part exchange. In Manchester, bad credit car finance is possible for almost anyone. Along with the purchase of the vehicle we offer the Autoguard Warrant. Modern vehicles are manufactured to a high technical standard and are very reliable. However, there may eventually be very expensive damage to important and costly module components. This is where the Autoguard Warranty can save you from having to find the funds to repair your car. It covers a multitude of different systems in the car including the in-car entertainment systems as well as the air conditioning and climate control system.

We offer people with bad credit, car finance in Manchester. Contact The Car Finance Companies today and we will find a finance company that will help you to buy the car of your dreams. Our easy application lets you choose how much you can pay per week or per month on your new car. With a huge range of vehicles to suit all tastes and pockets, we provide the best available finance for anyone requiring a reliable and well cared for vehicle. We have over 25 different manufacturers of vehicles represented with many models within these brands. They range from simple runabouts to luxury top of the range cars. We also have a selection of vans that can be used for transporting people and goods.