Declined Car Finance in York

Declined Car Finance in YorkThe wrong number came up and now you are looking at declined car finance in York. There is no appeal and it doesn’t matter how responsibly you have paid your bills all your life. People who know nothing about you have passed judgement. In the old days, you could go into your bank and chat with a banker about what you’ve been through during the last two years. He would take into consideration your life before the disaster and your future potential. He would understand your need for a car to help make that potential a reality. A reasonable car loan amount for you would be set and you are on your way to taking charge of your life again. That was then, now, one slip of your foot on that ladder and your world falls apart.

It could be any one of a million stumbling blocks thrown into your path. With one form in York, declined car finance can put an end to your hope of recovery. Our company has made it a goal to right the situation that leaves so many families without transportation for work, school and emergencies. Our team of experts have connections to lenders that have helped many, just like you, secure affordable financing for a good used car. This is the way you loosen the grip poor credit rating has on you. You now have the transportation you need and you are building your credit score with on-time payments.

If you have a job and been declined car finance in York, we would love to meet with you. However, if you prefer, you can fill out our online application in about two minutes from the comfort of your home. Contact us or go to our website and fill out the application form you will find there. Review the cars we have available for sale before you leave the website. One of them will likely be just the one for your family. Your application is secure and you will receive a quick response. As your finance broker, we work to secure you the very best financial deal possible from among our select lenders. We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.