New Car with Bad Credit in Bristol

New Car with Bad Credit in BristolWorried about getting a new car with bad credit in Bristol? There’s no need to despair. At The Car Finance Companies, we can help you to find the right car loan on the most favourable terms. We know that you can get a bad credit score or rating from a number of different sources and many people are not even aware of their own credit rating. It’s only when they apply for financing that they’re given the bad news. We also know that people face ups and downs in their lives and given the global financial crunch, it’s not surprising that a lot of people are in difficult circumstances. Late payments and identity theft are some of the reasons why you could have a bad rating. Or may not have enough credit history. Whatever the reason, a low credit rating can certainly come in the way of accessing funds.

If you have a family or a long commute to work, owning a car may be crucial. In Bristol, new car with bad credit purchase is a matter of finding the right lender to match your unique requirements and preferences. Buyers with low credit scores are called “subprime buyers” in the trade and main dealerships generally ramp up interest rates for this category of buyers. This is because of the widespread assumption that subprime buyers pose a greater risk. However, the reality may be quite different. Today, owning an automobile is no longer a luxury.

Factors that affect getting a new car with bad credit in Bristol could be dependent on your income, type of loan you’re trying for, and your work history. Avoid purchasing older models though you may get better terms. Old cars may cost you a packet in repairs and maintenance in the long run. To find out more about how we can assist you with finance for a new car, contact The Car Finance Companies. We have a dedicated team of finance experts waiting to help with your enquiry.